Coffee and End Table Project (Part 6)

I have plugged, cut off and sanded the legs and they are now ready to have the slots cuts that will hold the biscuits, which will attach them to the sides, I hope.

Plugging the Ends

Even though only the tops of the 8 legs that will be used to make the 2 coffee tables will be exposed, I decided to plug all 32 ends. In the case of the coffee tables, this will allow me more choice as to which end I will expose. Plugging the bottoms of the legs that will contact the floor will allow me to glue on felt pads to protect the hardwood floors.

Cutting off the Legs

I cut the legs to size on the table saw using an extension on my mitre gauge. The extension allowed me to clamp on a block so that each leg will be the same length. Well, I hope all the legs are the same length, if not Po will have some wobbly tables.

Sanding the Legs

I like to use a lot of glue to ensure a strong joint. Often there is a lot of ooze out. The legs are no exception. I usually start by chiselling off as much of the glue as I can before sanding. Where I made the legs from plywood, I had to hand sand each on to ensure that I didn’t sand through the veneer.


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