Coffee and End Table Project (Part 11)

It’s beginning to look like an end table. I’ve got the fronts of the drawers attached and the top completed.

Drawer Fronts

Before I could attach the drawer fronts, I had to trim them to fit. This meant trimming their width by 1/8″. This reduction will give me a 1/16″ clearance on both sides so that the drawers will clear the legs. After glueing the fronts to the drawers, I trimmed their height to give me a 1/16″ clearance all around.

End Table Tops

I made the tops from ¾” oak plywood. To cover the edges I used a pre-glued oak edging. This edging had to be ironed on to activate the glue. To ensure that the tops are properly aligned, I drilled 3/8″ holes in the legs and tops for dowels. These dowels will also help to prevent the table from twisting over time.


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