Coffee and End Table Project (Part 5)

Finished the legs of the coffee and end tables on Monday. They are not quite finished. I need to sand then and do something about the ends.

The Ends of the Legs

The ends of the legs are hollow and, in the case of the coffee tables, will be exposed. Therefore, I have to plug them. I estimated that these holes would be 1.5 inches square, which they are and I could glue up 2 pieces of ¾ plywood together and rip them to size. However, ¾ plywood isn’t ¾ inches thick, so I have to figure something out.

Filler Option

I thought about sandwiching thin strips of wood between the plywood to make it thicker. I even started to glue up one, but tonight I thought of a better idea.

Pinwheel Option

The new plan is to cut ¾ plywood into strips and poke it in the holes to form a pinwheel pattern. This will leave a small hole in the middle, which I will fill with a small peg.


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