Coffee and End Table Project (Part 13)


Now that our 25th wedding anniversary is over it’s back to work on the coffee tables for my bride. Besides the legs being shorted and having only 1 drawer, these coffee tables have other differences, such as a lift-up top.

Lift-up Top

I designed the coffee tables without having the lift-up on hand or even a measured drawing. I got lucky that the mechanisms that I ordered from Lee Valley spanned precisely 19 inches the exact width of the table. What I didn’t count on was the depth of the device, which required more than the 4-inch clearance that was in my plan. As a result, I had to cut a hole in the plywood that was to separate the top of the table from drawers when it was opened. Actually, I had to cut the first hole 3 times to get the device to fit.

Also, I had to add a piece of oak to the sides of the coffee tables to mount the mechanism.

More Veneer

For the end tables, I used veneer strips to cover the edges of the plywood that I used for the top. I didn’t bother to hide any of the other plywood edges as these wouldn’t be seen, but I did stain and finished them to help protect the tables from moisture. However, I didn’t like how these turned out. So instead of leaving the plywood tops of the legs and the sides exposed, I’m covering these up with veneer.


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