Oliver Dingle-Mouse: Business Mouse

Business-Mouse (Cover) Oliver Dingle-Mouse has found what he has been looking for in Mr. Rat’s junkyard, a piano. There is only one problem, he doesn’t have any money to buy it. Mr. Rat talks the little mouse into setting up a farming business to earn the money to buy the piano. To make a profit, Oliver enters into partnership with his friends Dianna and Timmy Goo-Cheese and learns what it takes to run a business.

This book uses humour to keep young (and older) readers’ interest. It also has 16 illustrations, some explaining business concepts others for comic relief.

Oliver Dingle-Mouse: Business Mouse is available from Amazon.



About Myself

By Timmy Goo-Cheese

TimmyWrite a hundred words about myself. That’s like school. You do know that this is summer vacation. Don’t get me wrong, school is a fine institution, but I’m too young to be institutionalised. I’m only 3 years old. That’s like 9 in human years.

School wouldn’t be so bad, except for the amount of time they expect you to be there. You have to get up by 7:00 am to get there by 8:30. Then after seven hours they send you home with homework. School takes up too much of my time.

That’s 100 words, now I’m out of here.



About Myself

By Dianna Goo-Cheese

DiannaAbout myself in 100 words, I don’t know if that will be enough.

I love clothes. Doesn’t everyone? I mean, why else would we Knoll-Mice build chambers with closets and dressers if it’s not to store clothes?

My brother, Timmy, has no no fashion sense. He would wear the same shirt day after day if it wasn’t for Mom having to wash everyday thanks to the dust storms he creates while digging in the dirt around the burrow where we live.

Timmy is not my fault. Mom and Dad brought him home one day without consulting me. It wasn’t a prudent idea if you ask me, but what can I do. I’m trying my best to civilise him, but I’m afraid that this is looking more and more like a lifelong project.

As for the rumours that Oliver and I might be an item…

Oh look I’m over my word limit.



About Myself

By Oliver Dingle-Mouse 

OliverIf I was human I would be 12 years old, but I’m a four-year old Knoll-Mouse. So is my friend Dianna.

I like to play the piano. That’s the toy piano. I’m small. My music teacher said that my paws were too small to play some music chords, but I showed him. I play these notes with my nose while I wait for my hands to grow.

It’s not fair, having to wait to grow up. Why can’t little mice can do things that adult mice can do? You know, it’s just a matter of time before I’m old enough to do everything. Until then, I’ll figure out how things are done.

I think little Knoll-Mice can do anything, if they put their mind to it. For that I have a dictionary, an encyclopaedia and public library. If that fails, I can always ask Dad. He always has a good answer, but sometimes I think he just makes it up.




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