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One-Liner Wednessdays

An old worn tool that is still in daily service, is a tribute to its usefulness and the craftsmanship of its maker.



I was in my woodworking shop the other day and I noticed the plane that I had been using for years. When it came to me from my father it had a cracked handled, but after 30 years it still does the job.



One Liner Wednesdays

1linerwedsbadgewesOne-Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda Hill. Visit her blog and see the rules and to visit the pingback and links from the other participants. #1linerWeds



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Wooden Boxes from an Old Fence

IntroductionBanker Box

Last year when my fence blew down, leaving me with many good wide boards that I wanted to use in projects rather than just cut them up for firewood. At the time, I was in need of sturdy boxes, so I decided to make some wooden boxes. Continue reading

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