Coffee and End Table Project (Part 4)

I have started work on the legs for my coffee and end table project today. While there was progress, it was not as much as I hoped.

Plywood vs Solid Wood Legs

I originally planned to make the legs out of solid wood, but when I priced out the cost and found that it would cost twice as much as making plywood legs, I changed my mind. Even though I had to order a special router bit to do the job, I feel that I’m still money in (and I have a new toy for the shed.)

Blind Lock Miter Joint

I’m using a 45° lock mitre bit in my router table to make the blind lock mitre joints for the legs. This interlocking joint guarantees me an accurate fit and an increased glueing area for a strong joint.

Set Up of Router

This is the first time that I’m using this bit, so must of the day was spent setting up the router table and making test cuts. Once it was ready, I make a test leg before I started on the actual project. I’m doing the legs of the end tables first in case I mess up so I can put these legs at the back where they will be less noticed. I managed to get 4 legs done today. Hopefully, I’ll have them complete before the end of the long weekend.


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