Coffee and End Table Project (Part 3)

I spend the day in the shed making the plywood components for the coffee and end tables that I am building for Po. Because of the nature of the project and the small size of the shed, I had to plan my cuts carefully.

Working Large to Small

I knew it would be a long day and I would get tired, so I started with the largest piece, which was almost a half-sheet of plywood. To handle this piece I had to clear out the shed and rotate the table saw, so the wood stuck out the doors of the shed. I used the router table to support the board as it went through the saw.

Table Fronts

The table fronts pose a particular challenge as they are made up of several pieces. I can’t cut out another back and then cut out the drawers later because of the kerf. So I have to start with an extra-long back and starting at the top, cut each piece. I will still have to trim the drawer fronts, so they don’t rub.

Table Legs

The table legs are also a challenge, as they will be made from 4 pieces of plywood that will be glued together. To make them appear as if they were a single piece of wood, I have to cut them from the board in groups of 4 and keep track of the order they were cut.

Keeping Track

Because I will be staining the finished tables, I want to have the grain of the wood run in the same direction, and in the case of the draws, matching as well. I’m writing notes on masking table and sticking it to the boards to keep track of them. That’s why all the pieces have green tape.

Next Step

The next step will be to router the pieces that make up the legs.


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