Coffee and End Table Project (Part 2)

My shipment of wood arrived this morning. It consisted of a sheet of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that I will use to make the draws and 3 sheets of oak plywood.

Breakdown of Sheet Goods

I spent the day cutting the plywood into more manageable pieces using my skill saw. Before I could start, I had to plan where I would get each piece from the sheet of plywood. This is not as simple as it looks as I also had to be careful how the grain of the wood was running. I plan to stain the tables so I what the grain to go the same way on each one so it will look nice.

While the skill saw does the job but it is neither fast nor does it cut smooth. For this, I prefer my table saw. That’s why I reduced the sheets to a size that I can handle at the table saw. Therefore, I still have more cutting to do to get the final pieces.

MDF Sheet

I have stored the sheet of MDF in the back of the shed. I’ll cut this up later when I have a better Idea as to the sizes needed for the draws.

Next Step

The next step will be to run the plywood through the table saw to bring the pieces to their final size starting tomorrow.


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