Coffee and End Table Project (Part 1)

My major woodworking project for this summer is a coffee and end tables that I promise Po that I would build 2 or 3 years ago. With the hardware store schedule to deliver the wood tomorrow, let me fill you in on some of the features of my project.

Pop-Up Table Mechanism

I do a lot of writing and eating in the living room, and our current coffee table is too low for these activities. Therefore, I plan to use a pop-up table mechanism to raise the top of the coffee table. The problem is that Po will want to use it all the time so I will have to build 2.


Po is always telling me to tide up in the living room. To make this task easier, both the coffee and end tables will have draws. Here I can store my magazines, writing supplies and of course, the salt and pepper for my meals. It will also provide additional mass to balance the coffee table when we lift it up.

4-inch Clearance

Last Christmas, I bought a Roomba for Po. This little robot has been doing a great job keeping the floors clean. However, we occasionally get a text from our Roomba tell us that it is stuck. We usually find it wedged under the kitchen cupboards. To ensure that our robot can clean the living room, I raised the legs of the tables to have a 4-inch for clearance.


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