Key Box


A little while ago, my son’s girlfriend asked me if I could make a key box that she saw. I picked up enough supplies to make 2 boxes last week and finished the project today. (Actually, the hinges were sold in packs of 4, the catches in packs of 2, and the Plexiglas in 32″x30″ sheets. Also, I wasn’t going to pay $7 for 4 feet of clear pine when I could cut the pieces from a piece of 10″ knotty pine and have a lot left over.)


I built the boxes with the following features.

1. An Aluminum hanger — This allows the key box to be removed from the wall for maintenance or for security purposes.

2. Plastic Coated Hooks — Prevents wear and tear on key rings.

3. Space on the Bottom for a Padlock — Or anything else that needs storage.

4. A Removable Back Drop — The original box had a skeleton key decorating the cover. With a removable back, different objects can be displayed depending on the season.

5. Plexiglas Cover — There is no worry that the cover to the box will break.

Reused Material

I was able to use the following materials left over from other projects.

  • Plastic Coated Hooks — These came from an unfinished kitchen project.
  • Paint — I asked what colour to paint the boxes and she said grey. Fortunately, our kitchen is grey, and there was paint leftover.



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