Wooden Boxes from an Old Fence

IntroductionBanker Box

Last year when my fence blew down, leaving me with many good wide boards that I wanted to use in projects rather than just cut them up for firewood. At the time, I was in need of sturdy boxes, so I decided to make some wooden boxes.



I could have chosen just about any dimensions for the boxes, but I settled on those of my favourite cardboard boxes, that I use to store files. These boxes could be utilized for both letter and legal size files, depending on which way you put the folders into the box.

Banker Box Drawing

Making the Boxes

I made the sides of the boxes by glueing together the 1×6 boards from the fence to make a board that was ¾” x 11″. These I planed down to ½” to remove the paint and to ensure that the sides were flat. I used a ¼” round over bit to ease the edges of the handles for comfort when carrying a fully loaded box, which can be quite heavy. I used box joints to ensure that the sides would not fall apart no matter how much force is placed on the sides.

Finishing the Boxes

I stained the boxes with a golden oak stain that I use on all of the projects I build for my shop because I will use the boxes there. To protect the boxes I applied 2 coats of Varathane’s satin Diamond Wood Finish topped off with a coat of gloss to make it easier to wipe off the sawdust that collects on everything in the shop.




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