Magnetic Spoon Rack

Magnetic Spoon RackIntroduction

My wife got a set of measuring spoons last year and wanted to display them on the fridge with magnets. However, the magnets were very small, about 1/8th of an inch. With 4 cats running around the house, we could not risk them eating a magnet. The solution was to make this little wooden rack to hold the magnets.


This diagram shows the spoon rack from the back with the holes drilled for the magnets.


SketchThere are two large holes on each end for ¼-inch magnets, which attach the rack to the fridge. These holes are just deep enough to hold the magnets.

The 4 smaller holes are for the 1/8-inch magnets, which hold the spoons. I had to drill these holes right through the rack for the magnets to hold the spoons and to glue the magnets in place. I tried drilling the holes only partly through but the magnets were not strong enough to hold the spoons.



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