Oliver Dingle-Mouse: Business Mouse

Business-Mouse (Cover)I just published my chapter book Oliver Dingle-Mouse: Business Mouse. It is available in both ebook and paperback formats from Amazon. For the next 3 days as a free ebook download, so take this opportunity to download it (and tell your friends) from Amazon.

Story Synopsis

Oliver Dingle-Mouse has found what he has been looking for in Mr. Rat’s junkyard, a piano. There is only one problem, he doesn’t have any money to buy it. Mr. Rat talks the little mouse into setting up a farming business to earn the money to buy the piano. To make a profit, Oliver enters into partnership with his friends Dianna and Timmy Goo-Cheese and learns what it takes to run a business.

This book uses humour to keep young (and older) readers’ interest. It also has 16 illustrations, some explaining business concepts others for comic relief.


“Then tell me more. Why a farm? Why not a lemonade stand like you had last summer?”

“Well,” said Oliver, “I have grown vegetables in the family garden. Therefore, I’m sure that I can do the farming. Selling them can’t be too hard because I see Knoll-Mice younger than I am selling vegetables in the market.” Oliver paused. “About that one hundred silver dollars?”

Mr. Dingle-Mouse raised his paw. “Not so fast, why one hundred silver dollars? Why not more? Better still, why not less?”

02 - Nice Round Number

“I thought it was a nice round number.”

“No, a nice round number would be zero.” Mr. Dingle-Mouse put his glasses back on his face. “Do you have a business plan?”



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